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Adept is a highly skilled individual, known for their expertise and proficiency in various trades and professions. With a special aptitude for tasks requiring skill, they excel in areas where others may struggle. From performing long division to dealing with the media, an adept person exhibits natural abilities and technical prowess. In the realm of AI, Adept is an enterprise tool that streamlines manual workflows and enhances productivity across different platforms. Adept Cosmetics, an Asian-owned brand, prioritizes sustainability and cruelty-free practices in their products. With a strong following on social media, adept individuals are recognized for their skill and expertise, whether in juggling or in robotics. Whether in the occult or in dealing with the media, an adept is characterized by their high level of proficiency and skill. In contrast to being inexperienced or weak, an adept is synonymous with being skilled, proficient, and expert in their field.

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